Kinship with the More Than Human World

​Susan J. Preston photographs birds and other wildlife in the high desert of north and central New Mexico.  She is the self-published author and designer of the award-winning book, BOSQUE, Winter Wings –an offering of gratitude for the tens of thousands of migratory birds who winter over in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

Susan’s photography and writing focuses on the gifts of paying attention to both the extraordinary beauty of Mother Earth and how experiences of wonder and beauty are so often entwined with grief and loss. As a long-time meditator with roots in eco-philosophy and permaculture-inspired spirituality, her photographic practice emerges with a deep sense of relationality with the more than human world. As human beings, we are obligated to participate in the miraculous exchange of life on this planet.

Major influences in her work include the wise writings of indigenous writer Robin Wall Kimmerer, and eco-philosophers, Joanna Macey, Sophie Strand, and David Abram. Artistic influences include photographers Dorthea Lange, Cristina Mittermeir and Flip Nicklin, as well as painters Bob Ross and Rebecca Haines.

Currently, Susan is releasing her wild bird of a book, BOSQUE, into the world–a curious and anticipatory time filled with wondering where the pages will fly to. She is also contemplating her next book, which will delve deeper into themes shared in her first book.


Book Awards

Gold Award, Tokyo International Foto Awards (tifa), Nature Book
1st Place, International Photo Awards (IPA), Nature Book