Wishes and Promises

“The blossoms of the apricot blow from the east to the west, and I have tried to keep them from falling.”

– Ezra 

I took this image back in May when my apricot tree was flowering with wishes of the harvest to come. But unlike the previous two springs I’ve lived in this house, this year the tree’s wishful blooms turned into promises – hundreds of tiny green fruit which made their way into my awareness several weeks later.

We wish. We dream. We make promises. Sometimes we keep them. This tree has always made wishes, and has always kept it’s promises to me.

My wish is for humanity to be more like the trees we so easily cut down or pass by without noticing the wealth of wisdom being expressed through every leaf.


Photo Credits: Wishing for Apricots  by Susan J. Preston, Santa Fe, New Mexico © 2019, all rights reserved
Technical: Fuji XT-3 | 60mm (XF 60mm  f2.4 R Macro) | 1/1600 sec | f 2.4 | ISO 320