Waiting for Voltaire

Ahhh, sunset at the Santa Fe Opera!

This shot was taken with my iPhone just as Candide was starting at the Santa Fe Opera. Even if you don’t like opera, it’s well worth getting tickets at least once. Between the amazing Santa Fe sunsets and the experience of tailgating amongst people dressed from jeans and cowboy boots to taffeta!

It was the first time I had the good fortune to partake in a backstage tour as well as the pre-show lecture. I’ve been to countless performances here and didn’t know they had free lectures – what a remarkable discovery! (Can you tell I adore our opera here?)

Hearing a synopsis of the libretto along with historical context was invaluable for enjoying the performance. For instance, Leonard Berstein, who based the opera on Voltaire’s book, inserted Voltaire as a character, even though the author did not appear in the book itself. After walking through the costume department and seeing how the staging is miraculously switched from night to night, I’m wondering why I haven’t volunteered for this organization before.

Photo Credits:  Waiting for Voltaire by Susan J. Preston. Santa Fe, NM ©2018, all rights reserved Technical: iPhone 6+
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