The wound of silence

so that one day
a hundred years from now
another sister will not have to
dry her tears wondering where
in history she lost her voice.


— jasmin kaur


During my first summer in Santa Fe, the screams of this Cooper’s Hawk rang through the neighborhood like a crystal bell. No one accused her of being a drama queen. Not a single soul questioned the expression of hawk nature. She was being herself.

How unnatural has the expression of our true voice become?

After watching the ugly SCOTUS testimonies in DC the last week I’m turning my lens inward. It’s a gentle inquisition into the expression of Susan Nature. What parts of myself am I failing to express? What frequencies in my vocal range am I stuffing down–or even worse, have I forgotten about? Why have I remained silent in certain situations? Do I have the courage to stand up for what is fair and just?

The deeper I go with this inquiry I find myself circling around a fundamental question: What am I afraid of?

Unbridled retaliation? Being labeled something… unbecoming? A tongue-tied idiot? A snowflake whiner? And what about being accountable for my own words? We’re so quick to judge “the other” that we bypass our own need for an integrity upgrade. Once my words are thrust into the ether will I remain consistent and will I spend the energy to actually do something? What matters most is remaining faithful to myself.

As much as I prize listening as part of meditative and spiritual practice, communication suffers when we play like frightened rabbits. The language of prey is silence. You know when a rabbit screams? When its guts are being eaten out!

Clearly, the evisceration of our government is in full swing. And we further gut our ourselves by saying nothing.

We must model the behavior we wish to see in our leaders. I’m inspired and blown away by men and women who have the courage to say their peace even if it means being mocked by politically incestuous cowards. Respect should be granted to everyone.

Loud or soft, let your cries ripple out for a hundred years. What liars fear most, and what we desperately need now more than ever is a clear scream of justice.


Be HEARD. Contact your representatives.

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Kavanaugh’s extreme views and temperament are disturbing.
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Watch  NM Senator Heinrich’s comments from the Senate floor today.

Photo Credits:  Ms. Cooper’s Scream, by Susan J. Preston, Santa Fe, NM © 2010, all rights reserved
Technical: Canon 60D | 100mm (EF 100mm f2.8 USM)
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