The Freedom in Truth

“If you embrace it, if you are faithful to it, your truth will reward you with unimaginable freedom and intimacy with yourself and others. You won’t land in a world made to order; some people in your life may not like what you write. But those who remain will be allies, people who breathe deeply and listen. It will feel good to be seen completely and loved as you are.

As Natalie Goldberg said after her friend found and read a piece of work-in-progress that she had left out from the day’s writing, ‘I feel good because I don’t care that she sees how I really am. I’m glad. I want someone to know me.’”

― John Lee, Writing from the Body

We receive so many invitations to express, discover and become who we are but often hold back. In what ways are you hiding? What might happen if you showed up as you truly are? 


Photo Credits:  Moon Flight by Susan J. Preston, Bosque del Apache, NM © 2019, all rights reserved
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