The Flying Octopus in Our Heads

She said, “Most of the time, I don’t give a damn about tripods. The good things in life are better hand-held.”


 Susan J. Preston

Tripods have their place and time, but when it comes to fireworks I gustily yell, “Pshaw!

I took this photograph on the 4th of July at my dad’s old lake house in Virginia. I’ve shot at least 6 fireworks displays over the years and have yet to bring a tripod.

Maybe it’s because I’m lazy. Perhaps. Maybe I don’t like perfect firework pictures and find them… boring? Maybe I prefer sifting through piles of weird and unusable photographs. Maybe finding delight in the imperfect, unexpected outcomes is more rewarding… and it’s just more fun.

Photo Credits:  Flying Octopus, by Susan J. Preston, Lake Anna, Virginia ©2009, all rights reserved

Technical: Canon 60D | 100mm (EF 100mm F1.28 Macro USM) | 0.5 sec at f3.5| ISO 1600