Swedish Meatballs in the Making

Given the many cooking posts I’ve created this month you might think I’ve tossed design and photography out the window to make this a Swedish kitchen blog. Although anything is possible I’m keenly aware of the fact I live at 7300 feet and baking is maddening enough at sea level! Given these facts, it seems my spatula is probably destined to play second fiddle to my camera… at least for the time being.

But this month I just can’t help myself. The holiday season makes me much more sensitive to the whisperings of my Scandinavian ancestors. I can hear the voice of my great-great grandmother, Pauline Gertrude Larsen – a strong woman who crossed the Atlantic ocean all by herself to join a handful of other relatives who had forged a path that led straight to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Susan!” she said, “You should try meatballs this time – they’re so much easier than baking!”

So on this winter’s solstice I pointed my Google compass toward the most “authentic” recipe I could find for my Instant Pot and lo and behold! I found one laden with lots of nutmeg and HEAVY cream on a blog called Damn Delicious.  And you know what? They ARE damn delicious… especially with some additional allspice and hot red pepper… because I live in New Mexico after all, and I am incapable of following a recipe without changing at least something.

If you try the recipe I highly recommend watching the Swedish Chef video below to help you get into a whimsical mood. Whimsy makes everything turn out much better – you can quote me on that one!


Photo Credits: Swedish Meatballs in the Making by Susan J. Preston, Santa Fe, NM © 2018, all rights reserved
Technical: iPhone 6s

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