Sifted Flour Mountain

Something interesting happened to me during the Christmas season last month. I fell in love with baking. After a good chunk of the year spent trying to avoid gluten of all kinds, on the recommendation of a friend I decided to circle back and give non-GMO flour a try. And you know what? Miraculously, when I eat bread that is preservative free, organic, and susceptible to going bad after 24 hours, I feel GREAT.

The other plus to getting into baking is flour, it turns out, is quite lovely. Another plus, is I spend so much of my time in front of a computer doing something that is so tactile with such amazing results is like a salve to on my heart.

I’ll be perfecting the recipe for Swedish Bulla bread I was following when I sifted this flour over the coming months!

Photo Credits: Sifted Flour Moutain by Susan J. Preston, Santa Fe, NM © 2018, all rights reserved
Technical: iPhone 6s

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