Remembering what I’ve forgotten

“I return to the wilderness to remember what I have forgotten, that the world can be wholesome and beautiful, that the harmony and integrity of ecosystems at peace is a mirror to what we have lost.”

― Terry Tempest Williams

I’m testing a new teleconverter which extends the reach of my zoom lens and discovering a dreamy, painterly quality in some of my images. To me, the softness of this image speaks to the slow coming into focus of forgotten memory.

Every time I see a small herd of deer in the Bosque del Apache, I am so taken by their tender presence. They are compassionate creatures whose gaze feels careful and yet confident… graceful and gently piercing. There is so much to learn from them. 



Photo Credits: Soft Deer by Susan J. Preston, Bosque del Apache, NM © 2019, all rights reserved
Technical: Fuji XT-3 | 560mm  (XF 100-400MM F4.5-5.6 R ML OIS WR + 1.4x) |