What the Frog Saw

Santa Fe was pummelled by the mother of all monsoons a couple weeks ago. After months of extreme drought, it was a dramatic display of lightning, wind, torrential rain and piles of hail. This video, which was shot with a waterproof camera placed inside the puddle just outside my front door, is tame compared with videos posted all over the internet of people being rescued from their cars and flash floods raging through stunned arroyos. Shortly after setting up the camera you’ll notice the microphone becomes submerged – the rain was falling that fast and hard. Ahh, to see what the frog saw!

Video Credits:  What the Frog Saw: Santa Fe’s 1000 Year Monsoon, by Susan J. Preston. Santa Fe, NM ©2018, all rights reserved Technical: Olympus Tough, f2.0

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