Invincible Dawn

snow geese waking with the dawn

“Night never had the last word. The dawn is always invincible.“

– Hugh B. Brown

There is nothing in the world that captures my imagination the way a mass ascension of snow geese in the icy morning air does. To bear witness to the cacophanous honking and thousands of wild voices and flapping of wings flying just a handful of yards overhead is to feel as though I’m part of the flock! And how my heart leaps from my chest and wishes to soar along with them.

This has been a season of such darkness. A dark night of the soul, collectively experienced as many of us wonder when? When will the next door open as we sit and pace and ruminate in the liminal hallway. When will the dawn come? 

If there is just one bit of wisdom I carry with me from this time, it’s that the coming of the dawn must be felt and seen within ourselves weeks, or perhaps, months prior to the outward emergence in our lives. And once we are able to catch a spark of wonder, whether during a walk in nature, or reading a book, or in the gentle gaze and tone of gentle acceptance and encouragement of a friend who truly sees us, we simply cannot let go of it. 

Whatever calls to you now. Whatever sings for your attention or knocks on your door, turn toward it. Run with wings flapping pulling the light within you forward. 

Susan J. Preston


Photo Credits:  Waking with the Dawn by Susan J. Preston, San Antonio, New Mexico © 2020, all rights reserved
Technical: Fuji XT-3