Ruckus-Makin’ Jam

If you don’t like apricotish snapshots you’ve come to the wrong place! (At least until my bumper crop has been polished off.) I had no concept of the size of the wave I’d end up riding when I took a trip to Albertsons for some canning supplies last week and I’ve lost count of the apricots which have come through my tiny kitchen since. In just 3 1/2 days this canning-newbie has whipped up five (maybe it’s 6) batches of jam and two heroic stabs have been made at apricot butter – both requiring over sixty apricots for each.

With literally hundreds of free apricots at the ready, I’ve been emboldened to experiment, using habaneros, sage, yellow bell peppers, brandy, and liqueur to flavor my off-the-cuff recipes. In some ways, it’s akin to making soup – throwing items in and trusting (well, hoping) it all comes out okay (organized recipe-followers, I feel your cringes).  I do find myself worrying I’m using too much sugar (I’m not a big fan) but want the jams to have a good shelf-life and refrigerator life once the lids are pried open by friends and family.

Let’s just say I’m learning by doing because there’s not been much time to research.

I sure hope someone enjoys these jewel-toned offerings. Even if they’re deemed to not be Smuckers-worthy I can honestly say that the process of getting out of my head and away from the computer to create things (REAL LIVE THINGS!) that can be held and smelled and tasted in my hands has been a deep medicine for my spirit. In-between making batches I feel like I’ve been waltzing with the tree, who is comically shedding fruit so fast that I’ve not been able to make a clear dent in the number apricots dotting the kitchen table.

How I love this tree and all it has given to me. I’ll say it again! How I LOVE this tree and the love it continues to pour through me.


Photo Credits: First Batch by Susan J. Preston, Santa Fe, NM © 2019, all rights reserved
Technical: iPhone 6s


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