Fire Sunset in Taos

a deep red sun sets over Taos valley during a fire season in New Mexico

“You will lose everything. Your money, your power, your fame, your success, perhaps even your memories. Your looks will go. Loved ones will die. Your body will fall apart. Everything that seems permanent is impermanent and will be smashed. Experience will gradually, or not so gradually, strip away everything that it can strip away. Waking up means facing this reality with open eyes and no longer turning away.


But right now, we stand on sacred and holy ground, for that which will be lost has not yet been lost, and realising this is the key to unspeakable joy. Whoever or whatever is in your life right now has not yet been taken away from you. This may sound trivial, obvious, like nothing, but really it is the key to everything, the why and how and wherefore of existence. Impermanence has already rendered everything and everyone around you so deeply holy and significant and worthy of your heartbreaking gratitude.


Loss has already transfigured your life into an altar.”

~ Jeff Foster

The sunsets in Taos have been a stunning and fiery crimson due to smoke from a forest fire in Santa Fe. I suppose this beauty is a small silver lining in the midst of the storms we are battling, both metaphorical and physical.

What is being dislodged, burned up, and swept away that clearly needs to go? What new growth yearns to spring up once these flames have gone? In what ways are you being strengthened and transformed? 

What is being refined in the crucible of this moment? 

Photo Credits:  Fire Sunset,  by Susan J. Preston, Taos, New Mexico ©2020 all rights reserved
Technical: Fuji XT-3 | XF 100-400mm