Creative on Purpose Podcast with Scott Perry

I stepped out of my comfort zone and nobody got killed


“Struggling creatives are driven by passion, thriving artists are driven by purpose.” – Scott Perry, author of Creative on Purpose

When my friend and fellow business traveler, Scott Perry, asked me to appear on his podcast Creative on Purpose, I felt a surge of excitement and possibility. I wanted to say yes and support his amazing work in creativity, motivation and taking action, but having my very first appearance on a podcast that would not only appear on Facebook but also recorded LIVE was more than a couple of steps outside my comfort zone. I’m one of those creatives who is HAPPIER than a clam to work behind the scenes and going about my business trying to make a difference.

One of my biggest fears isn’t speaking to a big group of people. Nope, it’s going deer-in-the-headlights in front of a group of people. This belief wasn’t created out of nowhere. I can count on more than one hand the times I’ve been tongue-tied, lost the thread of what I wanted to say or just stumbled my way through an elevator pitch.

But Scott is persitent. And he’s also a bit sneaky.

When did he issue his invitation to appear on his podcast? It was right inside the forum of Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar. I had JUST completed one of the lessons and had thrown down the gauntlet and made decision to create and ship Susan Preston Studio. This on it’s own was a bit scary. I’d announced it publicly.

“Appear on my podcast this season. Share why you’re jumping into this. DO IT!” – Scott Perry

So many creatives rely on passion to fuel their work. But when purpose fuels our creativity, Scott says, our work is more potent and leads to more fulfillment. Passion comes and goes, but purpose–that’s sustainable.

Having lost my creative passion over the last few years (read it here) I knew he was right, and yes, I do have something of value to share and my story just might help some people. (Though I must admit, when I saw this ad on his Facebook page the week before it made me gulp!)

So this creative clam took a LEAP and said YES to something scary. And you know what? Nobody died or went to jail!

The purpose in doing this: I wish to help others who are struggling in the same place and the only way to act on purpose and make a difference was to act as if I wasn’t a clam.

Am I aware of how I moved around too much? YES. The annoying glare in my computer glasses? YES. The fact I repeated myself a few times? YES!  What matters most is I felt the terror of all of these possibilities and still steamed forward. 

I invite you to listen to our conversation where I share a bit about my design business and the catalyst that inspired me to create this new website. But the real juice is in our discussion around the difference between creative work that is done commercially and the work we do in the form of self expression and generosity toward ourselves. Both flavors of creative work, I think, nurture one another.

It’s not perfect, but that wasn’t the point, nor the purpose. Imperfect conversations like this matter. Technology is changing so fast and we need to tap into and cultivate our creative thinking!

I hope you like it!

To find out more about Scott Perry visit his website and consider buying wonderful handbook, Creative on Purpose, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Artists.