Centered in the Swirl

elegant intentionally blurred image of cranes in flight in the Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

“Everyday life surrounds us in a swirling chaos, and it’s easy to fall into the grip of our ego’s fears and confusion. Remind yourself each day of your intentions and spiritual purpose. Meditate, find your center, look closely at yourself, and don’t let go of your intention until it feels centered inside yourself.”

– Deepak Chopra


Staying centered within The Swirl has proved challenging  the last month. I had a shift of heart, windows open while doors close shut, and the very thing I’ve needed to do, but haven’t had time to do is sit down on a cushion. It becomes too much when my focus gets weighted toward The Mess, at the expense of The Beauty.

But maybe what we think is a mess is the dawn of something beautiful?

Chaos is a given and the required spark for the creation of all things. We’re such creatures of habit, tolerating the status quo until some thorn gets wedged in our paws, then it’s off to the races to protest, hire a coach, move out, leave behind, or sit in. I wonder if anyone over the course of history has ever instigated any significant change without pain showing up as an unwanted visitor. We’re either running away from it, or allowing it to fuel an awakening.

Ahhh, Wonderful Chaos!  Frame it as you will, Life is either an ego-scraping slog or a humble recognition that what passes away reveals everything that’s waiting for you. Instead of wishing to be chosen, maybe it’s time to choose you. 

At this fork in the road and every inch of the asphalt, I am certain that it’s more important to understand than wasting time trying to be understood. The world needs us to put our best selves forward.

Let’s do it!

Photo Credits: Wonderful Chaos  (ICM, Sandhill Cranes at Dusk) by Susan J. Preston, Bosque del Apache, New Mexico © 2020, all rights reserved
Technical: Fuji XT-3 | XF100-400