Cabbage, again.

Because it's good for you...

So… when I start posting multiple images of cabbage it’s fair to say it’s a slow news day here in The Land of Enchantment. Not that I don’t love cabbage – I certainly do! As a matter of fact, I  fell over the moon in love with this handsome head at the farmer’s market for its dark purple-ey veins and rubbery texture.

Yes, it is possible to fall over the moon in love with a vegetable. If I can do it, so can you.

What will YOU allow yourself to fall over the moon in love with this afternoon?

It could happen in the produce section of the grocery store, walking out to the mailbox, or even while sitting in traffic. Yep, traffic. The only requirement is to remain receptive. But be forewarned, opportunities for love can be fleeting, so be sure to pay attention.

[Oh dear, this is turning into another Musing, isn’t it?]

Speaking of fleeting moments, I wonder if we protect ourselves from swooning over ordinary cabbages–or anything for that matter– because we know the urge won’t last. We know our feelings for cruciferous vegetables–or the newest online dating prospect–will likely wither and fade, so why bother? After all, you’ve been disappointed by other cabbages with much better resumes and dimples than this one.

It’s true that nothing lasts forever but at the same speed that things are disappearing, new things are always emerging. There are endless possibilities waiting to be created by… YOU. I’m not advocating becoming a promiscuous cabbage lover – far from it – but loosening our grasp and allowing the things we cherish to come and ago sets us free to be delighted all the more.

So now it’s your turn… GO!

Photo Credits:  Cabbage #2 by Susan J. Preston. Santa Fe, NM ©2018, all rights reserved
Technical: iPhone 6+

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