Big-Leaf Maple Head

I was gobsmacked by the size of the maple leaves in Yosemite and soon went on a quest to find someone who knew the specific name of the magnificent trees towering over my tent cabin.

Luckily, Martha, one of the camp employees, happened to be walking right toward me so I held the leaf up in fron of my face and asked, “What kind of maple tree makes these magnificent things?”

“BIG-Leaf Maples,” she said. “They definitely BIG and they’re definitely maple!”

“They sure are!” I laughed.

During my short stay, I spotted many visitors–all women–gathering up these monumental leaves with expressions of wonder on their faces. Transient treasures to take home and press between pulpy pages to savor and remember. 

To me, these leaves were just as wondrous as Half Dome and El Capitan. Holding one felt like an entire galaxy was spilling fron the palm of my hand.

Photo Credits: Leaf Head by Susan J. Preston, Yosemite © 2018, all rights reserved
Technical: iPhone 6s

Take flight!

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