Apricots in the Rain

At the most difficult moments of my life, when it seemed that every door was closed to me, the taste of those apricots comes back to comfort me with the notion that abundance is always within reach, if only one knows how to find it. – Isabel Allende

I quickly took this shot just before heading out to see La Boheme at the Santa Fe Opera. A summer monsoon had swept this gorgeous apricot-laden twig onto the patio table just as I was heading out with my rarely used umbrella.

Just like a trip to the opera, a monsoon feels like a sweet dessert to me. June is usually the hottest month here, with few clouds to protect us from the sun’s rays, but come July, the tell tale cracks of lightning and thunder feel like a cherry on top of this beautiful life in the high desert.

This will be one of the last apricot photographs I will post this season. After a handful of years which have felt parched, the awakening of this tree and my scurrying to keep up with its bounty has brought a sense of deep contentment to my heart.

Of all the fruity shots I’ve shared here I think this one might be my favorite. I love the contrasting textures and surfaces in this image. I also love the memories it conjures within me of the remarkable aroma of rain in the high desert and a feeling of relief that washes over me with the onset of the gift of rare Santa Fe moisture.

The taste and the aroma of my tree’s generous offerings will come back to comfort me in the days to come, reminding me of the love that is always surrounding me and inside me.

Thank you, amazing tree. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Photo Credits: Apricots in the Rain by Susan J. Preston, Santa Fe, New Mexico © 2019, all rights reserved
Technical: iPhone 6s