New Moon

As I watched the tiny sliver of a new moon make a rapid descent through a narrow veil of clouds last night I was reminded of just…

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Making a Ruckus!

I arrived in Del Norte, Colorado a day early before what I’m sure will be a wonderful San Luis Valley photo tour led by the talented wildlife photographer, Ed MacKerrow. This afternoon I visited the Monte Vista…

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Heron Dance

Discover how I took a lackluster but promising image and turned into a photograph I love with a little bit of faith and a lot of emotional labor.

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The Faces of Deer

When for too long I don’t go deep enough into the woods to see them, they begin to enter my dreams. Yes, there they are, in the pinewoods of my inner life. I want to live a life full of modesty and…

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No Small Things

Discover how a distinctive white-crowned sparrow made all the difference on a photo safari filled with several unexpected disappointments…

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Big-Leaf Maple Head

I was gobsmacked by the size of the maple leaves in Yosemite and soon went on a quest to find someone who knew the specific name of the magnificent trees towering over my tent…

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Reflections on Hidden Pond

Oh, the delightful memories I have of a magical place called Hidden Pond! Tucked within a suburban neighborhood in northern Virginia and not far from my former residence, it was a place of true refuge…

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Apsen Sunset

Without realizing it, this tree has become one of my most frequent subjects. Located just off the portal of my friends’ beautiful…

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Hope Rises

Let the beauty you wish to see be your motivation. Nothing worthwhile comes from disdain and hatred…

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